"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." - Isaiah 43:5

December 2008

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While Alaina is a regular exhibitor at the Nebraska State Fair, we decided Dayna should have a go at some needlework. She won fourth place in her category as well as an award for the youngest needlework exhibitor!

Working on Dayna's Nebraska State Fair creation...
Dayna's needlework with her ribbon
Experiencing the rides at the state fair

In August, we went on our last 2008 camping trip. Let me tell you, it was quite an experience being the ONLY people in the campground. Dayna helped daddy pitch the tent. Then she and daddy went for a walk by the lake and learned the joy of catching frogs. It was a little more difficult to teach her to let them go when we were finished!

Catching frogs at the lake

With the Summer Olympics in Beijing this summer, we had plenty of opportunities to talk about China. We even staged our own Wilson Family Olympics in the front yard. Dayna did great in the egg race, Alaina won the hula-hoop contest, and everyone got a good laugh watching daddy attempt some somersaults!

Wilson Family Olympics

Dad purchased a new camera this fall, and had a great time snapping pictures of our little cutie.

UNL Campus
UNL Campus
Apple Day!
Fall leaves

One day, Dayna picked up a pen and paper, and decided she wanted to write some letters. Little did we know that the alphabet game in the car DOES work. She had been learning all along. She was so proud of herself when she wrote her name on the Magna-doodle.

Learning to write

It took 2 years, but Dayna is officially adopted…again. The readoption process is now complete and we have access to official copies of Dayna’s birth certificate from the State of Nebraska. This will help greatly when it comes to enrolling for school, getting a passport, etc.

Finalized readoption

Alaina had a ball making Dayna’s Halloween costume again this year. Dayna was the cutest Little Red Riding Hood ever! Good job, Mom! We enjoyed Halloween weekend in Wichita so Alaina could attend the Midwest Kodály Music Educator’s fall conference. Dayna was able to participate with her Daddy in a preschool music demonstration with Mrs. Jo (one of Alaina’s former instructors.)

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
Playing the drum with Mrs. Jo

Then over Thanksgiving, we had a few nice visits with Great Grandma Luebcke in Norfolk. Point to the picture to see her playing peek-a-boo with Dayna. Decorating the Christmas tree is always a family event.

(point to the picture)
Decorating the tree

We have a friend who is a weather forecaster for our local CBS affiliate in Omaha. Dayna and Dan got to see the set, sit in the studio for the noon news broadcast, and even sit at the news desk! It was quite the experience.

On the TV station set

December 2008

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