"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." - Isaiah 43:5


Tonight’s post will be short, as it is late and we are still packing. The day began with another all-star breakfast at the buffet, then we went back to the health clinic at the hotel. The new doctor (who did speak a little English!) took a look at Dayna’s mouth and told us that now she has a fungal infection in her mouth and throat. So they swabbed more stuff in her throat. He also thought a nebulizer treatment would help her cough. The poor thing can’t close her mouth around the tube, so Mommy probably got more of the “good” air than Dayna did. We were also given some NASTY liquid (we think they said saline, but it’s brown, thick and smells like soy sauce) to mix some vitamin powder in three times a day. That’s supposed to help clear her mouth and throat of all the nasty stuff that collects in there, but we think it probably makes her feel worse! We went back for another swab this evening, and the doctor said her mouth is definitely getting better. We’ve also noticed that her cough is subsiding. One more swab and nebulizer treatment in the morning, and we should be good to go until we get back to Omaha and can have Dr. Domet check things out for us.

We did get a little more shopping done today…mostly picking up things we ordered. We also bought an umbrella stroller (the shops around here let you borrow one for free while you’re staying at the White Swan) and an extra suitcase for all Dayna’s Gotcha gifts (and a few others as well). At 2:45, our four families gathered in the lobby to take a bus to the consulate. We’re not sure how many families were there, but we’d guess there were between 60 and 100 families attending the ceremony. After a long wait while everyone checked in, we took a very short oath (again, quite anticlimactic). Basically, we promised that the information we gave the consulate was true, and boom, Dayna is now an American citizen (technically, when our plane touches down in Chicago tomorrow.)

The only thing we have left to do for our adoption is finish packing and come home. This long journey is almost over…only a few short flights and one VERY LONG one to go.

For dinner, the four families went out to eat at Lucy’s Diner one last time. Dan had a tasty sirloin steak and Alaina finally found some “American” Chinese food…the sweet and sour chicken was wonderful. We’ve now said goodbye to the three other families. They leave early in the morning. Our flight isn’t until 2:30, so we’ll be at the hotel until 11:00.

In the meantime, a few reflections of our trip so far:

So much for a short post. Our beds are calling, and there are still bags to pack. Blessings to you all, and we’ll see you “on the other side.”

Dan, Alaina & Dayna

Jackie & Alaina
"Mom, put down the camera and rescue me!"
Our authentic silk tunics through a fogged camera lens
Gotta brush your teeth


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