"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." - Isaiah 43:5


Well, here it is…the long awaited, much requested update on Dayna. Hopefully you won’t mind all the pictures. We’ve been home 5 ½ weeks, now, and it seems that things are changing every single day. We’re so excited to watch Dayna’s enthusiasm at learning new things, and she seems to be enjoying our company as well.

Dayna has adjusted beautifully to our family. In fact, Alaina has commented that it’s seemed almost too easy. We’re hesitant to admit this because we know that many of you who are reading our journal have not had such smooth transitions with your own precious children. Dayna seems to be well attached to both Dan and Alaina and gets very excited when one of us returns after a day at work or a quick run to Curves for a workout.

She loves her grandparents and her Uncle Tom. We’ve been able to spend several weekends with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson, and Papa and Grandma Wood came and spent three and a half weeks with us. It hasn’t taken long to wrap both grandpas around her little fingers (and run them all over the house and yard!) They thoroughly enjoy feeding her cookies, cake and ice cream (and she enjoys eating them!)

Dayna’s personality is really starting to emerge. She’s very happy and has quite the sense of humor. Dayna still loves to have someone sing to her, and “The Wheels on the Bus” seems to be the favorite du jour. She also loves to take walks in the stroller, whether to the park or the grocery store. Giving kisses to us is about the biggest thrill she could have in a day (us too!) She loved her first day at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha. We tried to get her excited about the College World Series hype (GO BEAVERS!!!), but she didn’t seem interested in spending 3+ hours after bedtime at a baseball game, so Alaina had to be content to watch the games on TV. Maybe next year! July 4th was an exciting day, as the day before, Dayna received her Certificate of Citizenship and was able to celebrate her first Independence Day as an American. She was fascinated by the pretty fireworks, and just stared and pointed with her mouth agape. Last weekend, we tried our first camping trip in the backyard. Dayna went down like a dream, but when the lightning started at 4 am, Mom decided we should wake her up and head back inside. First thing the next morning, Dayna was pointing to the tent and wanted to get back in her play yard.

Some exciting firsts: Dayna learned to feed herself (no more chomping on our fingers!) and finally started to crawl last week. She has also started to play pretend, cuddling with her stuffed animals and “sharing” her snacks with them.

On July 2nd, we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary (the copper anniversary). After laying out over three grand to replace a copper pipe in our front yard (apropos), we were able to get out and leave Dayna with Papa and Grandma Wood for a few hours. She seems to have survived. July 2nd was also a special day for Dayna, as we had her dedicated to the Lord at church that morning. We all wore our traditional silk clothes, but after church, we were just barely able to squeeze Dayna into the baptismal gown her Great-Grandma Luebcke made (most of the Luebcke grandkids, including Alaina, and great-grandkids have worn this gown.) It was precious to see another child wearing it.

Bonus story: on May 1st, Dan made two small cakes for Dayna’s birthday. We ate one that night in honor of her, and froze the other. Before the fireworks on the Fourth, Dayna finally got to eat her confetti cake!

So what’s next? On Monday, July 17th, Dayna will go in for her first surgery. This will take place at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. They will be repairing her lip, putting tubes in her ears, and doing some minor adjustments to her nose. We’ve been told that this will require an overnight stay, but they can’t release her until she drinks enough fluids. Dayna has been known to be stubborn about some feeding issues, particularly liquids, so please pray that this will not be a problem. After that, she’ll be in arm restraints for up to three weeks. We will have to feed her by syringe for at least a week, and might be able to move to a spoon and soft foods the second week. It may sound funny, but we’re not quite ready for Dayna’s lip to be repaired. We’ve fallen in love with the sweet little face that God created. So this week involves a lot of picture taking and video, as well as giving and receiving lots of kisses.

We love hearing from all of you. Please feel free to drop by and see us if you’re in the area (and if you have kids, bring them…that’s how Dayna learned to crawl!) The weeks after surgery may be a bit monotonous for Dayna and her mom, so the diversion of company is welcome.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Blessings,
Dan, Alaina & Dayna Wilson

First trip to the park
A day at the zoo
Cooling off
First ice cream cone
Mommy had a little ham
Nothing like a drippy popsicle on a hot day!
Daddy loves this picture
Love my baba and mama!
Dayna's dedication
Every Luebcke baby chews their ribbons!
Dayna finally gets her birthday cake
Papa's "Little Sparkler"
All-American Family
Did Dayna get a visit from the hair fairy?
When can we go camping again?


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