"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." - Isaiah 43:5

Our progress so far

Date Event
12/25/2006 Dayna's first Christmas
10/20/2006 Dayna's palate surgery
7/17/2006 Dayna's lip surgery
6/2/2006 Flew home to Nebraska
6/1/2006 Attended swearing-in ceremony at the U.S. Consolate
5/31/2006 Angela went to the U.S. Consolate appointment for the group.
5/29/2006 Went to Dayna's adoption medical exam for her travel visa.
5/28/2006 Worshipped with other Chinese believers
5/26/2006 Picked up Dayna's passport from the police station, then flew to Guangzhou
5/24/2006 We travelled to Dayna's Orphanage in Gutian to learn about her history
5/22/2006 We signed the adoption agreement today. We're official!
5/21/2006 This is gotcha day. We finally held Mei Le in our arms.
5/18/2006 Today we flew to China
5/2/2006 We received our travel approval! Yeah!
3/3/2006 March 3rd is our Log-in Date.
2/7/2006 We received the call that we are DTC (Dossier To China) today.
1/20/2006 We mailed the Dossier to All God's Children today.
We also received our pre-approval from the Chinese government matching us to Zhang Mei Le!
1/19/2006 We received our FDL (Favorable Determination Letter) from USCIS today!
12/9/2005 After reviewing pictures and medical records, we accepted Zhang Mei Le's referral today. This is very exciting for us! It means we are one step closer to having our daughter.
12/8/2005 With much anticipation, we received a referral for a baby today!! Her name is Zhang Mei Le and lives at the Gutian County Welfare Institute in Gutian city.
12/1/2005 We were fingerprinted with Immigration Services today, which went as smooth as could be. We are happy to say this is the last step for us in the paperwork process. Now we wait for the FDL (Favorable Determination Letter) from Immigration Services and we are good to go! Yeah!

11/11/2005 We started to prepare Dayna's room tonight, and will be painting this weekend. Click here to see the pictures.
10/28/2005 Except for Dan's birth certificate, we got all of our notarized documents state certified.
After some hassle, we turned in our dossier to USCIS again.
10/7/2005 Our home study and other documents were mailed to USCIS.
10/5/2005 We received our completed home study in the mail.

What's next?

  1. Enjoy our daughter!
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